Kara Russo
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Let's Bring Rhode Island Back to Life!

I want to welcome you to our campaign for

As your Congresswoman I will fight to:

  • Create Jobs for Rhode Islanders and STOP
    China from stealing all our manufacturing jobs.
  • Revive Rhode Island's Economy.
  • Bring Companies Back To Rhode Island.
  • Defend Life and the Family.
  • Defend the U.S. Constitution and our Religious
    Freedom, which are under attack.
  • Improve Education and Research Funding.
  • Make Government more efficient.
  • Reduce taxes and costs.
Kara Russo
for Congress, District 2
Together Let's Bring Rhode
Island Back to Life!
Concerning the judge's ruling, which forced the removal of the 50 year old
historic and passive Cranston West High School prayer banner:

Jeremiah 49:7
"...thus says the LORD of hosts: Is there no more wisdom in Teman, has
counsel perished from the prudent, has their wisdom become corrupt?"

Congressional candidate Chris Young and I led the fight to keep the banner up.
Please click on the video below to see the people unite.
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